Sunday 2 November 2014

Bakes and Cakes Show: Meeting Mary Berry

On Saturday 25th October, I made Orange cookies with Chocolate chips in and I went up to the Bakes and Cakes show in London.

I thought that I really wouldn't win because it was very low chances of winning because there were lots of really good entries. But the last winner called out was my name! I won the Junior Bakes category.
The judge was Eric Lanlard. I saw him at the Bakes and Cakes show in the morning in the theatre and I watched him make a fig and lardon pie and a southern chocolate pie where he licked the camera man's finger to taste it because he wasn't allowed to lick his own finger because of germs!

Eric Lanlard is really cool because his nickname is Cake Boy.

This photo courtesy of  BBC Good Food / River Street Events

I met Mary Berry as part of my prize as well as a K Mix mixer as well as a signed Mary Berry book which she signed when I met her myself for afternoon tea.

She was nice. I sat right next to her. She said well done to me. My mum thought it was all a dream because she couldn't believe it.

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