The Brilliant Chef portrait

Daniel is The Brilliant Chef. Daniel is 6 years old (at time of writing). He says:

Well, I wanted to become a chef because when I was yoing I mixed cake mixture and I got so good at it that I wanted to keep on doing cheffing. Now I want to keep cheffing and be a good chef because I kept practising, I get good skiils and I can do lots of good things.

When I get older I know I'll get better and better and better at it. Then when I'm a chef I'll get a chef's job if I can, and I'll be in a kitchen cooking.

My plans are that when I'm older I'll cook more spicy things and stuff, and when I'm an actual chef I'll serve up for people exactly what they want. I'm going to be inventing new things, too.

My restaurant name will be called The Brilliant Chef. I want it to be really big with a big kitchen. I'll be head chef. It'll be really fun and really great. If people are really poor, they can have their food for free, but for my family they'll have to pay or wash up and do all the jobs.

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