Monday 14 January 2013

Easy Peasy Sausage Rolls

Here is a recipe to make some really easy peasy sausage rolls. They are so easy to make that I made them all by myself (mum just helped to put them in and out of the oven because ovens are hot!)

Here's my video showing you what to do:

Here are the ingredients you need:
320g pack ready to use Puff pastry
250g sausage meat
1 egg
A couple of tablespoons of cold water
A sprinkle of ground black pepper (optional)

As you can see from my video - it is easy peasy to make. Just remember to take your pastry out of the fridge about 10 minutes before using it. You can also make your own pastry - but using ready made pastry makes it really quick and easy to make these sausage rolls.

Adding water to the sausage meat is supposed to help the pastry puff up nicely.

25 minutes later, we were eating them...

My little sister was so keen to eat them she even interrupted the end of my video! Here's the outtake...

Monday 7 January 2013



I love baking. I love the Great British Bake Off. And I love Panettone! Last Christmas (not the Christmas we just had but I mean in 2011) we bought a huge Panettone from the supermarket, but this year they had run out and only had tiny ones (which wouldn't even be big enough for baby Trinity).

We felt sad that we weren't going to have a Panettone but then my mum spotted this recipe on Jo Wheatley's website called Jo's Blue Aga (she was the winner of the 2011 Bake Off and she and Holly were my favourites that year).

So me and my mum decided to try to make it even though neither of us had EVER baked a Panettone ever before.

We stuck to the recipe as closely as we could (because that's when things go wrong usually when mum thinks that it 'doesn't look right' and adds more of something like her cheese sauce that ALWAYS goes wrong). The only things we didn't have were the zest paste and the niblets so we used the zest of a lemon and the juice of half a lemon for that bit and then sprinkled sugar on the top instead of niblets.

Here I am zesting a lemon
The dough needs to prove twice. Here it is after the first proving. It grew loads!

Panettone dough after first proving

The knocking-back was hard work. And then we left it for it's second proving.

It grew again for the second proving
Finally after many hours of proving in total it was ready to bake and then this is what it looked like when it was cooked. And it tasted great!!!

Because it uses lots of egg yolks but you only need one egg white, we saved all the other egg whites and the next day, mum made a pavlova with them (and that was the first time she made a pavlova!) and that tasted great too.
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