Saturday 28 January 2017

Chocolate Tasting! I love 'Love Cocoa'

Today I tasted some new chocolate that I hadn't tried before. It was called 'Love Cocoa'. It was set up by someone who has the same surname as the famous Cadbury because he is from the same family. But he wanted to make nice quality chocolate and make it here in the UK. He also wanted it to be able to fit through the letterbox so that it can be sent as a gift even when someone is not home to receive it. 

 The reason we were sent this chocolate is because my little sister, Miss T, won it in a Christmas competition because she loves to cook and made some chocolate snowmen when we saw the recipe on Love Cocoa's facebook page.
 We were sent 4 varieties. My sister loved the milk chocolate one best so she kept that all to herself!!!

But she let us have the other three varieties which were: Earl Grey Milk chocolate, Equador Dark chocolate, and Maldon Sea Salt dark chocolate.

This is what we thought of them:

Milk Chocolate: Really creamy and delicious flavour. Not overpowering.

Earl Grey Milk Chocolate: You would LOVE this even if you don't like tea. The flavour is really nice and doesn't taste too 'tea like' but just really really delicious.

Equador Dark Chocolate: My mum says dark chocolate is her favourite thing these days but the Love Cocoa Milk chocolate and Earl Grey milk chocolate was SO nice that she actually liked those ones best! This dark chocolate is strong (it is 70%) but I liked small amounts of it.

Maldon Sea Salt Dark Chocolate: This was also strong as it is 70%. But the salt makes it really good tasting!

We decided to do the 'chocolate trick' where you can make an extra piece of chocolate magically appear. I like my magic tricks a lot because I can do balloon modelling and other actual real magic tricks. Here is one of my balloon modelling videos I made before. I know lots more magic tricks now though:

As you can see, my mum didn't break the chocolate pieces quite neatly enough but we figured out roughly how it should be. 

Overall I loved this chocolate SO much and because it can fit through the letterbox, I'm going to ask my mum and dad to get me some for my birthday which is fairly soon. My favourite flavour of them was Earl Grey Milk Chocolate. 

They also have other amazing flavours that I want to try one day like honeycomb & honey, Mint, and coffee flavours. 

I hope you like my review of Love Cocoa chocolate. I took all the photos above myself because I am practising my photography with my dad's camera.

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