Sunday 9 December 2012

Kent Cooks Live Final

Last Friday, I found myself cooking in a REAL Chefs kitchen in the live final of a REAL cooking competition. We had to wake up really early to get there and my mum, dad and baby sister took me there. I was cooking a recipe I had invented myself. It was called Seasonal Summer Frittata and you can find the recipe here if you want to try to make it yourself.  

The final of the Kent Cooks competition
Kent Cooks Live Final

In the family category, there were 3 finalists and I was the youngest because I am only 6 years old. We were able to cook with a bit of help from a family member but I hardly needed any help anyway. I met the Head Chef.

Head Chef at Kent Cooks, based at East Kent College
Meeting Head Chef

And there was a really nice judge who taught me another way of chopping vegetables safely.

Chopping vegetables safely
Here I am chopping the vegetables

For pudding I made Baby blueberry pancakes with Super Simple Summer Berry Ice cream. It tastes delicious and is really easy peasy to make. Here is the recipe for it if you want to make it yourself.

Baby blueberry pancakes made by The Brilliant Chef
Baby blueberry pancakes and ice-cream
We had to make two sets of both dishes - one for the judges to taste and one to go on display for all the judges and guests to see.

Seasonal Summer Frittata made by The Brilliant Chef
Seasonal Summer Frittata
Even though it was hard work getting everything cooked in time and we didn't even get to stop for a break, we had a tasty lunch afterwards and then the awards were given.

I loved it so much that I really want to make it to the final again next year so I'm going to start planning a new recipe soon.

Kent Cooks certificate and The Brilliant Chef
Here I am celebrating at home with my certificate!


  1. I am so impressed that you have this talent and love of creating food!

    1. I've told Dan that it's polite to reply to his comments so Daniel says "thankyou and i'm only six."


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