Saturday 2 March 2013

Seductively Simple Heavenly Hearts

Seductively Simple Heavenly Hearts
Daniel has very kindly let mum team up with him to make this recipe, although when the pot of Greek Gods Honey & Strawberry yogurt arrived, he knew just who the recipe should be made for...the love of his life...Blue Bear.

Daniel and Blue Bear got very excited when the yogurt arrived!
So we designed our recipe using a shape that is recognised by all mankind (and bear-kind) as a symbol of love...a heart shape.

Using ready rolled puff pastry (even tops chefs admit that it is far better to cheat with puff pastry than to make your own from scratch), we cut heart shapes and topped them with a layer of good quality jam, thinly sliced apple, then brushed lightly with a little melted butter.

We added a little sprinkle of sugar (the butter and sugar will just help them brown nicely in the oven). Then we popped them in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Oven temperature needs to be around 180 - 200 C (you will know your own oven best).
The ingredients you'll need
Next, we topped with Greek Gods Honey & Strawberry yogurt, and some pieces of strawberry. You can use blueberries too if you like.

These hearts are so simple to make, will certainly wow the love of your life and you can even unleash a little creative flair in how you arrange your toppings. Our favourite was the design where half the heart had the topping on and the other half was left for the pastry to fully puff up.

A simple but scrumptious topping!
Let's see what Aphrodite thought (well aphrodite-bear)...

Blue Bear gets into character to try out our love inspired Aphrodite-Bear. 
We were kindly sent a 680g pot of Honey & Strawberry Greek Style yogurt from The Greek Gods for the purpose of this blog post. However, I have written this item straight on the shopping list to buy again as it is really tasty and makes a fabulous alternative to cream or ice cream (and also tastes great on it's own - even though the 680g pot is a very generously sized pot - it didn't last long in our household as it was just soooo delicious).

Here's the ingredients list to add to your shopping list:

1 pack Ready rolled puff pastry
A couple of teaspoons of good quality jam (we used Super Jam as it uses grape juice instead of sugar to sweeten it.) You could of course make your own if you like.
Pot of Greek Gods Honey & Strawberry Greek Style yogurt. You won't need to use the whole pot so you'll have some left to eat on its own too (mmmm....heavenly!)
1 apple - thinly sliced.
a little butter - melted
A sprinkle of sugar.
This recipe was certainly inspired by Daniel and Blue Bear's true love

This is our entry into the Foodies 100 Greek Gods competition to wow aphrodite with a love inspired recipe! 


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