Friday 13 September 2013

A taste of spice!

Yesterday me and daddy got to visit Patak's development kitchen for a spice appreciation masterclass where I got to meet the Patak's wonderful New Product Development chef. Even though I have gone back to school after being homeschooled for a few years, this day was so important if you want to be a chef like I do so it was way more important than school!

Daddy got picked to be Patak's official curry taster for this year and we have already had some really cool things happen like when Anjali Pathak came to our house to do a masterclass with me and daddy and also I got to interview her

She even wrote a blog post about me! That was really amazing because lots of other children like baking things like cookies and cakes like my brother and sister do, but I love to cook all sorts of food and I especially love smelling and tasting spices!

Patak's chef showed us his selection of spices. I couldn't believe my eyes - there were so many! Lots of different colours, flavours and smells.

I got to see fresh curry leaves and black salt (which actually looks pink when it is ground up). I got to taste sugar cane jaggery which is a really pure sugar as it is sugar cane juice which is cooked until it is solid. I even tasted tamarind which I loved! One type tasted really sour and the other type was really sweet.
Then the best bit - eating lunch when it was ready; there was butter chicken, achari lamb and cod in madras and coconut sauce - they were all yum but I loved the butter chicken best. 

Thank you Patak's for a nice and spicy day!


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