Wednesday 4 November 2015

Badgers and Baking - My amazing day with Sky Badger and The Boy who Bakes!

Image courtesy of Sky Badger
Once upon a time in a fantasy world I met the one and only legendary Edd kimber at my school. Except it turned out not to be a fantasy. It really did happen. Here's how...

My little sister suffers from arthritis which makes me very sad. So my mum was looking up information about wheelchairs and she came across the Sky Badger website. And guess what? They had a baking competition!

You had to bake a 'free from' recipe so I invented some fruity muffins which had three types of fruit to make them sweet so they didn't need any sugar.

Then something amazing happened, we got an email from Sky Badger and my recipe won first prize! You can see my recipe and the runners up here.
Image courtesy of Sky Badger
The prize was for Edd kimber to visit my school and bake with me and my whole year group!!! It was fandabadozi!

Edd kimber was actually very fun because he kept making cooking jokes. He was really nice to all of us and if we made any little mistakes he corrected it kindly and gave us tips for next time. He also asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up and I said either a chef or an artist because I love drawing cartoon pictures.
Image courtesy of Sky Badger
We ended the day with a giant cake stall selling everything we cooked. It sold out in minutes! The money raised was split between the Sky Badger charity and the refugee crisis.

I also got to meet Naomi from sky badger and we used Baking Mad ingredients like Allinson flour and Billingtons sugar for baking with which was really kind of them.

It was a fabulous day and I couldn't have been happier.

P.S. My little sister came to buy a cake at the cake sale and she loved the cakes we made!

P.P.S My school were really cool to change all our lessons for the day so we got to do baking and baking themed stuff all day! I wish we did baking everyday!

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