Thursday 8 August 2013

Moshi Monsters Eye Pie Vanilla Cake Kit

My mum doesn't usually let us buy things like cake kits because she says it is just as easy to make the cakes ourselves. But this time it was different. This time it was a Green's Moshi Monsters Cake Kit. And it was a bargain price of only £1. So she said YES!

And if you don't already know how much me and my brother LOVE Moshi Monsters, then you can find out on our family blog at The Beesley Buzz.

You get the 'eye' pictures in the kit (on edible paper), the cake mix and white chocolate buttons to melt and cover the eyeballs with.

You need to add an egg, a bit of milk, some margarine and a bit of water.

The instructions were on the back of the packet and it was really quite easy to make.

The only disaster we had was mum dropping the sponge mix out of the oven and ruining it! It didn't matter that the sponge got all broken up as you need to do that in the recipe anyway - but the glass bowl she cooked it in had smashed a bit so we couldn't risk eating it if it had bits of glass in. So she quickly had to make some more herself and then baked it in the microwave so it only took 4 minutes and we had some replacement vanilla sponge - hurrah!

For coating the eye-balls in white chocolate, the instructions say to roll each ball in the chocolate to coat it, but we just drizzled the chocolate over it and that was easier for us.

The other really cool thing is that you get a sheet of moshi stickers in the pack and a moshi activity sheet which kept me and my brother busy for ages.

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