Tuesday 3 December 2013

Noma: The Best Restaurant in the World

Me with just a few of the 40 chefs at Noma. 
A little while ago my mum won a meal for two people at Noma in Copenhagen. We finally got to go there last weekend. Noma is one of the top restaurants in the world; it was first place for three years in a row. Once my restaurant is open, I'm going to try to get the top spot, though!

Anyway, my mum decided that she would take me with her as she knows I love cheffing. I was so excited! In the end we took my dad, too, so the three of us went off to Copenhagen (my brother and little sister came with us but didn't get to go to Noma - Granny looked after them for the day in the city).

When we got to Noma, it was sooo cool. One of the chefs came out to meet us and take our photo outside, and then took us indoors. They were all expecting us, and knew my name and said hello to us as we came in. There are 40 chefs who work at Noma, and most of them were gathered round the door when we arrived just to welcome us!
Arriving at Noma.

We were treated to a 26 course meal! (There might have been even more, but when we thought back we got to 26, plus coffee).
Very creative foods - a broth inside a kohlrabi.
One of the best things was a special kind of edible moss (that reindeer like to eat). My other favourite was a Danish cake ball - they are normally dipped in cream, but ours were dipped in grasshoppers! Yum! It really tasted nice. I even got to eat wood-ant sauce; they had a sour acidic taste - I didn't like it as much as the grasshoppers and moss.
Danish cake balls, with a twist - dipped in grasshopper.
There was another dish which was raw squid served in a bowl made of ice. That was really cool - literally!
Squid in a bowl made of ice.
At the end, we had pork skin coated in chocolate and dried berries. It was like a giant pork scratching and was yummy. It kind of tasted like chocolate-covered wafer, so it was strange to think it was made of pork.

After every few courses, they brought a different kind of drink.
Just a few of the juices.
I had juices (my dad had wine). They had really unusual flavours. I really liked the apple and herb flavour, and a whiteberry flavour. With the ones I didn't like so much, I did my own mixing to make new flavours that I did like. For example I mixed apple and pine with spiced plum to make a new drink that was delicious.

The whole experience was brilliant. The bit I liked best was a tour of the kitchens at the end. One of the chefs, called Hamish, took us round and we saw the three kitchens, the outdoor barbecues, the staff dining room and all the chefs being busy getting everything ready for the evening.
Preparing the sea urchins (photo taken by Daniel).
I wish I had been brave enough to speak to Rene and ask for his autograph because I love to meet real chefs, especially really creative chefs like him.
Rene Redzepi (left) in the development kitchen (photo taken by Daniel).
I love Denmark and I love Noma. I hope I can get to go back there one day.

Update: When Noma read this, they very kindly arranged for Rene's autograph to be sent to me - Wow!


  1. What an amazing day you had there! I've been to Noma and loved it, it's such a wonderful place with the most charming people and fascinating food. And I'm certain you'll bump into René again, he's a lovely chap and I bet he'd love to meet you too!

    1. thanks Di. I hope I'll see Rene again too. love from Daniel xxx

  2. Oh waw that is fabulous! Congrats on winning Dan! Was Copenhagen nice?


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