Tuesday 3 December 2013

The Brilliant Chef makes Patak's pappadums

You must have noticed by now that this year me and my dad have been busy getting to do lots of great things with Patak's after my dad got picked as Patak's official curry taster.

Well one of the things we got asked to do is test out Patak's Ready to Cook Pappadums at home.

We have always loved pappadums and me and my brother usually eat most the pack before the dinner is even cooked.

These ones are extra special. Because these are ones that you cook yourself either in oil on the hob or in the microwave. We thought the microwave method would be safer (and probably a bit healthier, too, as you brush on the oil rather than deep fry it).

There are ten pappadums flat in the box.

You just take one out at a time and put it onto a microwavable plate, brush it with a little bit of oil...
...then lay a piece of kitchen roll over it and pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

It was great to see the flat pappadums cook and grow into the finished and very delicious food!

I loved cooking these, as it was really easy. They tasted as good as the Patak's pre-cooked ones you can buy, but were way more fun! My dad says they are good because you get more in a pack, and the pack is smaller - so we could fit even more in our cupboard.

Me and my brother still managed to eat most of them before dinner was ready, though... with a little help from our little sister!

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