Friday 16 May 2014

A Divine Day out with Dubble Chocolate!

Daniel was the lucky winner of Dubble chocolate's search for a Pa Pa Paa Star and spent a celeb style day in London. Here he is telling us all about it...

Last Saturday I went to the Oxfam store to do my pictures. After that I bought some toys from Oxfam. I bought a toy fish for my little sister and a toy for me and my brother.

For the photo shoot, to start with, I did a few, what I like to call 'less exciting' photos but then after a while I did some photos with CHOCOLATE! And then I got to eat the chocolate. So you can imagine why I think the ones with chocolate involved are really exciting.

I also got to do some photos with 2 GIANT Dubble chocolate bars (but those ones weren't made of real chocolate).

After I did the photos in the Oxfam store, I went to a coffee shop with Sara from Divine chocolate and she got me a GIANT milkshake with rainbow sprinkles while she was interviewing me about being a Dubble agent.

Next we went on to the next bit of my prize which was going to the Rainforest Cafe.

There were lots of realistic looking animals that moved and in the entrance there was a crocodile that moved.

We met up with my dad, brother and sister so that we could all have our meal together. Me and my brother both had an Ozzie burger to eat and I have no idea what mummy and daddy had to eat as I was more interested in my colouring that I did.

When mummy and daddy had pudding, they had a chocolate volcano which had a sparkler on it! Loads of sparks flew out and it was really pretty.

After the Rainforest Cafe we decided to go to The Transport Museum because it was nearby and I'd never been there before.

Thank you to Dubble and Divine Chocolate for my amazing day out and remember to buy fairtrade chocolate and other fairtrade ingredients because then the farmers get a fair amount of money.

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