Monday 24 February 2014

My Meal at Bocca di Lupo

Arriving at Bocca di Lupo
We went to London last Friday to see Postman Pat. We also went on a speed boat. But best of all we went to Bocca di Lupo.

It means the Wolf's Mouth! (but also means Good Luck in Italian too). We got there 15 minutes early but weren't allowed in. When we went to Noma we got there 30 minutes early and they insisted we go in. So to start with I wasn't sure if I was going to like it.

But when we went in they brought me some HUGE olives. They were called Cerignola Olives from the Cerignola region in Italy. I normally only like black olives but these were really big shiny green olives and they tasted great. And when I finished them, they brought me some more because I loved them so much.

The waitress was really nice because she helped us choose what we wanted to eat from the menu. Some of it was written with Italian words so we weren't sure what everything was. She was great at explaining it all.
Me and my brother at Bocca di Lupo
We chose some small dishes to share and a few big dishes of our favourite things. Here's what we chose:
Radish, Celeriac, pomegranate, and Pecorino salad with truffle dressing
Beef agnolotti with walnut sauce 
Grilled wild boar sausage with roast red onion
Warm potato salad with garlic, parsely and vinegar
Caponata - aubergines, celery and tomato (we had it without the anchovies)

I really like it when I get to taste lots of different foods. My favourite was the wild boar sausage. My brothers favourite was the pasta (the Beef agnolotti) and my mum and dad loved everything.

Grilled wild boar sausage
Radish, celeriac, pomegranate and pecorino salad
Caponata - Aubergines, Celery and tomato

My little sister liked the desserts best!

We chose three really great desserts:
Bacio gelato - frozen kiss: hazelnut, hazelnut & bacio gelati, chocolate
Semifreddo of Zabaione with chocolate, hazelnuts and torrone
Le palle del nonno - 'grandpa's balls' of deep-fried ricotta and chocolate.

The 'grandpa's balls' tasted really great as we imagined that it would be really greasy because it was fried but they weren't.

We didn't do very well at getting photos of our desserts as we started eating them quickly and then remembered to take pictures!

Bacio gelato

Le palle del nonno - 'grandpa's balls'
I took some photos myself around the restaurant. There were tables at the very far end of the restaurant which is where we sat.

There was a long bar along the restaurant from almost at the entrance all the way down to near where the tables were.
On the other side of the bar you could see the busy chefs.
The waitress was really kind and got the chef's autograph for me to add to my collection. I think it looks like I got a photo of Jacob Kennedy, the head chef, by accident too. Do you think this looks like him? (Update: Bocca di Lupo told me on twitter that this is the sous-chef Jake Simpson so mystery solved!) It reminded me of when I was taking photos at Noma and I got a photo of Rene Redzepi when he was busy in the development kitchen.

Night-time at Trafalgar Square

Then it was home time but I really hope I get to go there again!

Written up by Daniel and Mum

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